Other problems

1) Chancellor Rishi Sunak has promised just £4 billion as a green investment package. This seems like a large number until you compare it to the £106 billion price tag for HS2, or the £37 billion for Track & Trace. We cannot tackle a planetary scale problem for less than 1/25th of the cost of just one railway!

2) There are too many Government policies working against our emissions reduction plans such as: permitting multiple airport expansions, ploughing ahead with HS2, granting permits for new drilling for oil and gas in the North Sea, and a new coal mine in Cumbria, which has now been delayed but not cancelled. There is a lack of joined-up thinking, with promises made by leading politicians not integrated into all Government decisions.

3) There is no acknowledgement of the connection between the climate and ecological crises in any existing or proposed policy. The CEE Bill would formally recognise the link between the climate and ecological crises, helping ensure that solving problems in one doesn’t inadvertently create problems in the other.