UK Government: pass new law to protect our bees

We all know that we all depend on bees for pollination and food, but how can we better protect bees in the UK ?  

A climate crisis is a nature crisis. Animals and plants depend on predictable weather patterns, and the stabilised seasons within which they have evolved, and bees and other insects are no exception. Extremes in temperature and rainfall, combined with devastating habitat loss and pollution driven predominantly by synthetic pesticides and fertilisers have already impacted insect populations.

And so, the interlinked climate nature emergency not only calls for the UK to play its fair share in radically reducing UK emissions-the pollution blanket that contributes to global overheating - but to halt and reverse the steep decline in nature caused by the UK’s domestic footprint and harm UK consumption causes due to its international supply chains.  Luckily, scientists, including bumblebee expert Dave Goulson, have drafted a Bill that tackles both issues; the CEE Bill calls for the reduction of UK greenhouse gas emissions in line with limiting warming to 1.5°C, and "restoring and expanding natural and cultivated ecosystems, and enabling them to act as resilient carbon sink,

Dave Goulson, Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex and expert on the ecology and conservation of bumblebees states:

“Our wild bees are in trouble – many have been declining for decades, driven out by habitat loss and pesticides. We need our bees, and our bees need the CEE Bill."

Save our bees now and demanding a clear plan to repair and restore nature in the UK while preventing dangerous overheating of our planet. 

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To: The UK Government

We ask you to pass legislation that protects and restores the environments and climate that our bees depend on, as well as stopping the dangerous overheating of our planet through the use of a Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. Recognising that these two issues are interlinked is key to the survival of our pollinators – and their survival is key to our food systems. We ask – bring the CEE Bill into law as soon as possible, for the bees and for the people.