The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill is a Private Member's Bill first presented in the UK Parliament in September 2020 by Caroline Lucas MP, along with supporting MPs from seven political parties. Over the last year, it's gathered the backing of over 140 MPs and Peers from all major parties – as well as from hundreds of organisations, businesses and local councils. For the full list of our supporters, click here. In June 2021, we took the opportunity provided by the new 2021-22 parliamentary session to update and strengthen the Bill, which you can read in full below. You can also read more about Private Members' Bills on this website.


Working with policy experts across the political spectrum, we've been able to both update and condense the CEE Bill. Click on the links below to view the updated Bill.

Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

CEE Bill Summary 
Explanatory note for policy-makers


The Alliance would like to thank the following scientists and experts for their advice and support in strengthening the CEE Bill:

  • Prof. Kevin Anderson (Director, Tyndall Centre, University of Manchester)
  • Dr Scott Archer-Nicholls (Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Cambridge)
  • Timothy Baldwin (Barrister, Garden Court Chambers)
  • Jo Blackman (Head of Forests, Policy and Advocacy, Global Witness)
  • Dr Andrew Boswell (Environment consultant)
  • Gillian Burke (Biologist and broadcaster)
  • Paul Clark (Barrister, Garden Court Chambers)
  • Dr James Dyke (Assistant Director, Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter)
  • Caroline Egan (Retired solicitor)
  • Dr Charlie Gardner (Conservation Science, University of Kent)
  • Prof. Dave Goulson (Professor of Biology, University of Sussex)
  • Prof. Joanna Haigh (Former Co-Director, Grantham Institute, Imperial College London)
  • Abigail Holt (Barrister, Garden Court Chambers)
  • Sir David King (Founder & Chair, Centre for Climate Repair, Cambridge University, former Government Chief Scientific Advisor)
  • Vivek Kumar (Executive Director, Justice Base)
  • Prof. Tim Jackson (Professor of Sustainable Development, University of Surrey)
  • Prof. Bill McGuire (Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at UCL)
  • Prof. EJ Milner-Gulland (Director, Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science, University of Oxford)
  • Dr Kate Raworth (Creator of the Doughnut and co-founder of Doughnut Economics Action Lab)
  • Dr Jordan Raine (Former editor, The Conversation)
  • Dr Joeri Rogelj (IPCC report lead and Director of Research, Grantham Institute, Imperial College London)
  • Andrew Simms (Co-Director, New Weather Institute and Research Associate, Centre for Global Political Economy, University of Sussex)
  • Prof. Peter Somerville (Professor Emeritus of Social Policy, University of Lincoln)
  • Prof. Graham Smith (Director, Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster)
  • Prof. Julia Steinberger (Professor of Social Ecology and Ecological Economics, University of Leeds)
  • Prof. Philip Warren (Professor Emeritus of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield)
  • Robert Whitfield (Chair, One World Trust and former Senior Vice President of Airbus Industries)
  • Jefim Vogel (PhD candidate, Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds)