The CEE Bill and its supporters

Go to the About the Bill section of the website to read the Bill itself and view a list of contributors

Go to the MPs & Supporters section of the website to see the list of MPs, local councils and allied organisations backing the CEE Bill.

Briefings and summaries

The CEE Bill and the campaign in a nutshell (A short summary for campaigners)

The CEE Bill Briefing (A briefing for Conservative MPs and policy-makers who are new to the CEE Bill)

Executive Summary Climate & Ecology Bill 2021-22 (A summary of the updated Bill for 2021 that explains the changes)

Campaign action resources


The CEE Bill introduction (10min talk)

Intro to the CEE Bill

Local councils

Two-step campaign guide to petitioning local councils to pass a motion in support of the CEE Bill

For more on local councils, go to this section of the Campaign Guide

Template letter to MPs

Try out our simple tool to find out who your MP is, if they already support and see our template letter to MPs.

Online events

Guidance on running on online event, including which platform to use and how to promote it

Resources from local campaign groups

Google Drive with resources produced by local campaigns around the UK (including sample letters to MPs and orgs, flyers/posters, presentations, press releases, open letters, etc.). To add your resources to this Drive and share them more widely, email them to [email protected]

Connect up with other campaigners

Our online Campaign Shares are held on every other Wednesday. We dedicate part of each session to a specific theme, but you can bring any questions or ideas you have about the Bill and the campaign. Go to our events page to sign up to the next Share. Once you've RSVP'd, you'll receive a Zoom link.

You can also join our community on Facebook here.