Campaign Materials

Campaign Materials

Ready to help make the Climate & Ecology Bill law? We’ve compiled all the materials you need to get involved, from postcards and posters to social media banners!


📝 Everything you need to write to your MP or council

If you’ve already emailed your MP (it takes 2 mins here), it’s time to send them a letter or postcard! Send that email or print-off postcard designs in our Print Materials section. Not sure what to say? Keep it simple, respectful, and get inspiration from our templated emails accessible here.

Get your local council onboard too, by following our guide here.


🖨 Print/Digital materials to grow the campaign at home

Pop a poster in your window, or hand out leaflets or stickers! See all our print materials plus instructions on how to print both at home or professionally. Spread the word about the Climate & Ecology Bill online with our digital materials too.

Give a talk to family and friends with our presentation on Why we need the Climate & Ecology Bill.


👋 Connect with local campaigners for local action

Check to see if there’s a local campaign group near you, or get in contact with us if you’d like to set one up – send us an email to [email protected].


Additional Materials

Want to share details about the Bill? Share our explainer video via YouTube


Think something’s missing? Get in touch, send us an email to [email protected].