Here is your campaign pack for the Children's lobby. 

So what's the ask?

  • Engage local groups/educational establishments: Reach out to engage as many local parents groups, schools and educational establishments in your areas as possible before the 8th of September to engage them with the national and regional lobbies.
  • Creation of letters/poems/art for the lobby: Create protest boards and banners with your children. For some inspiration see here for some brilliant guidance by Letters to the Future on how to write the letter. 
  • Send in your letters/poems/art for the lobby: You can send photos of letters/poems/art from your children into [email protected] preferably by the 26th of August to be included in the September 8th display. If they are sent after this date we will still collate them for use in the COP 26 lobby and for sharing on social media.
  • Create protest boards and banners: With your children, ready for the lobby so that it looks great.
  • Write to your MP: Find out their address here. You can us this template letter inviting your MP to the lobby
  • Engage local press: Here’s an example of the kind of press we got for doing similar work in Islington in 2019 for inspiration and here is friend of the Earth guide on how to engage local press
  • Come to national/regional lobbies: If you are in London, come to the national lobby at Parliament Square, 8th of September 4:30pm-6pm.  For regional campaigners, arrange a regional lobby and encourage others to come along, you can contact us for more details on how to do this, or let us know you are organising one so we can connect you up to regional campaigners.  Invite local councillors, the mayor, local press. 

Please note that if your MP already supports the CEE Bill, you will be inviting them for a photo opportunity to thank them for their support. If your MP does not support the Bill you are inviting them to explain what they are doing to address the climate-nature crises.  

To stay up to date on the very latest news, please join the Zero Hour Telegram group for this action. We will have Grassroots Shares on this action on Wednesday 17th August and Weds 1st September, for you to come and ask your questions. Alternatively, please do ask on the Telegram chat. 

 There is a share event on Weds 1st September at 7 pm to answer any of your questions.

Get creative with your letters and banners, we cannot wait to see them.