100 Members of Parliament now back the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

They are the #climate100, visionary MPs from 8 political parties coming together to demand decisive action on the climate and nature crisis by backing the CEE Bill. On behalf of the individuals, groups, and businesses supporting the Bill, we say thank you.

100 MPs is a significant milestone - but it's not the only one this week.

It's been exactly 6 months since the Bill was tabled in the House of Commons, and in that time our following has swelled. We're ahead of our targets and growing faster than anticipated. Our aim is to grow support for the Bill until it passes into law. Every new supporter, from the public to parliament brings us closer.

Leading the charge to grow that support is Caroline Lucas MP. She wrote this piece, shared in Green Party channels, to mark 100 MPs.

"Today, we reached a key milestone in this fight. 100 MPs, from eight political parties, have now pledged to support the CEE Bill. This achievement is testament to the hard work of thousands of campaigners, from all nations in the UK, calling on their representatives to take action. Thank you to everyone who’s taken action—and to my parliamentary colleagues for joining the CEE Bill Alliance." - Caroline Lucas MP

Is your MP supporting the Bill? Check our list of supporters and tweet them your congratulations for being part of the #climate100.

If your MP is not yet a supporter, join our campaign using the sign-up form and help us add another 100 MPs to the CEE Bill Alliance.  

Will you sign up?