2021 Elections Pledge campaign

The elections on 6 May 2021 are the most significant since the 2019 General Election. Elections are taking place in England for 21 county councils, 124 unitary, district and borough councils and 13 mayors. Elections are also taking place for 39 police and crime commissioners in England and Wales and for the parliaments and assemblies of Scotland, Wales and London.

That's a lot of elections, and we want to use this moment to get as many candidates as possible across the UK to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. For this we need your help. 

For more information on the elections on May 6, check out the Electoral Commission website. To know more about how your council works and which type applies to where you live, have a look at this gov.uk website.

The Plan

The elections being held on 6 May 2021 provide us with an opportunity to lobby in support of the CEE Bill. With your help, we can raise awareness about the CEE Bill with many candidates at local, mayoral and devolved national levels by asking them to support the Bill, and - if elected - to use their influence to make it law.

Local authorities, devolved governments and mayors can all play a critical role in placing pressure on Westminster. The more who publicly support the CEE Bill, the more difficult it will be for Westminster MPs to resist the groundswell of pressure. 

Don't worry if your MP is already a supporter, we need voices across the UK to stand up for the CEE Bill - and the more pressure, the better.

What You Can Do

There is some work involved, but it's all do-able - and if you get stuck, you can email us at [email protected] We want to ask every candidate to sign this pledge and publicly support the CEE Bill.

Step 1: 

Find who your candidates are by entering your postcode on this website, Who Can I Vote For? You may have more than one election to vote in, so make sure you consider them all. You might have to do some digging to find their contact emails - if it’s not on that website, then it may be on candidates’ personal websites (if they have one).  You can also find the list of candidates who have already signed the pledge here

Step 2: 

Send each candidate an email asking them to support the CEE Bill (don’t worry if it’s a long list!). We’ve made it easy for you. You can copy and paste the text from our email template into an email, but feel free to improve it using your own words. We need candidates to sign our pledge form so we know they are supporters, so please leave that sentence in!

If you're in Wales, we need candidates for the Welsh Senedd to back the Six principles, which are aligned with the CEE Bill. For this reason we'd like you to email your candidates a different email template, click this link to find out more! 

Step 3:

If you post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, let your friends and family know all about the Elections 2021 campaign - you can do that here.

And After That?

You can keep going with the social media requests right up to polling day, highlighting any positive responses and those who may have failed to respond. Just remember to use #CEEbill in your posts.

If you get written confirmation from a candidate that they’ve taken pledge, feel free to share that with us via [email protected]

Candidate Hustings

Many candidates in elections across the country are holding 'hustings' - debates where you can ask your candidate about their views on all things from housing to climate and nature. You can look up your nearest climate-related hustings via EventBrite. We'd love if it you could attend a hustings in your area and ask a question about the CEE Bill. If you do so, let us know by emailing [email protected]

Thank you so much for your support for the CEE Bill Alliance at the 2021 Elections. To find out more about the CEE Bill, click here. If you are not yet a supporter, don't forget to sign up using this sign up form to join the CEE Bill Alliance so we can share regular updates on our campaign progress. 

Tell your friends and family about the CEE Bill Alliance, and let them know about our 2021 elections pledge campaign. With your help, we can keep up the pressure on the UK Parliament to pass the CEE Bill and set a serious plan to tackle the climate-nature emergency.

The Pledge for Election Candidates