Campaigner Stories – Getting local organisations to support climate and nature action.

The Zero Hour campaign is so exciting because it has the potential to be a game-changer! Why? Because the only time we can really influence our MPs is before they’re safely elected,  and that’s the rationale behind the timing of this campaign. When I heard about it, there was no question for me where I wanted to channel my climate and nature efforts before the General Election – we can have a huge impact for relatively little input! So I’ve been campaigning since February.

I really enjoy it – it’s satisfying seeing the numbers climb,  albeit slowly. And Zero Hour staff are brilliant at expressing appreciation for the successes!

So far I’ve mainly been emailing organisations and posting on Facebook groups. I’ve had most success where I have a link to an organisation – with shared values, as a known supporter, member or customer. And I have had a few  national organizations sign up in that way too, eg Good Energy  and Good Green Money.

I’ve also learnt that you may need to contact people more than once (Jamie says it can take 5 times!). So I am now keeping a note of email addresses and nudging earlier contacts again (and again)!

Speaking to people face to face seems to be most effective. So I will be out in our towns, armed with the new fliers and with flapjacks, probably dressed as a bee, when I return from holiday! I am determined to get our Labour candidate to back the Bill. Who knows, if the  campaigning goes well, perhaps  the Conservative candidate too. I will also be reaching out for help with campaigning in other towns in the constituency to make sure we get enough  signatories. It’s so lovely  to have reason for hope and be making a difference!

Sarah Warren

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