Zero Hour campaigners buoyed by Starmer’s energy announcement for zero-carbon power by 2030


Zero Hour, the campaign for a legally-binding, science-led response to the climate and ecological emergency—the Climate & Ecology Bill—has welcomed Labour’s announcement to transition Britain into a clean energy superpower.

Dr Amy McDonnell, campaign director at Zero Hour, said: “Keir Starmer’s energy security plan to create green jobs, slash bills—and build a zero-carbon energy system—shows that Labour understands the huge benefits of transitioning to a sustainable economy that keeps 1.5°C alive.”

Welcoming Labour’s mission for the UK to be the first major country to set and achieve a target of zero-carbon power by 2030, Dr Amy McDonnell said: “By following the science, and tackling the climate and nature crises together, the Climate & Ecology Bill can secure a liveable future for current and future generations.”

Zero Hour is heartened by Labour’s energy plan, which—combined with their call to halt and reverse nature’s decline by 2030—means that Labour is now perfectly positioned to back the Climate & Ecology Bill and support its passage through the UK Parliament.”—Dr Amy McDonnell, Zero Hour.

Zero Hour, the campaign for the all-party endorsed Climate & Ecology Bill—draft environmental legislation before Parliament which is supported by London mayor, Sadiq Khan, and former chief scientific adviser, Sir David King—would deliver a joined-up strategy to tackle the climate and nature crisis.

With news that the Government is set to roll back environmental regulations, Zero Hour is calling on the Labour Party to lock a statutory commitment to: (1) reduce UK emissions in line with our share of the remaining global carbon budget for 1.5°C, and (2) reverse the degradation and loss of nature by 2030.

Notes to editors:

  1. The Climate & Ecology Bill is a private member’s bill before the UK Parliament and is currently awaiting its committee stage in the House of Lords.
  2. The Bill is backed by the Lib Dems, Greens, Plaid Cymru, SDLP and Alliance and 156 MPs and Peers—alongside 200 local councils—as well as MPs from the Conservative, Labour and SNP benches.
  3. 72 Labour MPs and Peers—plus The Co-operative Bank, Surfers Against Sewage, Women’s Institutes, CPRE and Wildlife Trusts—support the proposed legislation.

Full details on the Zero Hour campaign for the CE Bill may be found at including lists of supporting scientists, councils, politicians and partners.