Lobby your MP online

This is historic and an amazing opportunity to change our course, ensuring that the UK takes full responsibility for the pollution and damage to nature that we cause.

Up to 12 MPs can sign up the Climate and Emergency bill and get it presented (or tabled) to set it off on its journey. But that is not nearly enough. To make new law, we will need a majority of MPs actively supporting this bill in a massive wave of support.

It needs to be spelled to every MP in the land that the UN’s IPCC report has warned of the horrific dangers of critical global temperature rises. And in June this year a leading energy expert gave us six months to change the course of the climate crisis—yet the Government is missing almost all of its climate targets. Where is the urgency?

In pre-covid times we would be gathering in town and village halls across the country, asking MPs to support the CEE bill. But doing the same online can work just as well—if not better. MPs are more likely to come as it's quicker and more convenient. For us it's great as the meetings can easily look full on a screen—so that you can pressure your MP with just a few members of your local group, friends and family, but obviously the more the merrier.

  1. Here’s what we suggest:
    Check up about the bill at the bill. Any questions just ask us at [email protected]
  2. Find your MP here. Let them know why you think the bill is important and ask if you can set up a meeting to tell them about it. Make sure it is on an online platform (like zoom or Microsoft teams) so you can invite others along
  3. Try and get 5 or more (as many as possible!) local constituents to join you
  4. Plan the main points you would like to tell them and any questions you have
  5. Appoint a notetaker so that you can remember what your MPs says
  6. Before the meeting ends, make sure you ask whether they will support the bill.
  7. Either way do let us know at [email protected]. If yes, ask them to tweet about it including the hashtag #CEEbill

We need to build pressure and holding meetings like this really shows your MP that they need to take the CEE bill seriously and act on the emergency.