London, UK, 15th July 2022: The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has publicly announced his support for the Climate and Ecology Bill ahead of its second reading debate in the House of Lords today, 15 July.


The Climate and Ecology Bill, first introduced to the UK Parliament in 2020—and now backed by 121 MPs and 33 Peers from all major parties—aims to tackle the full extent of the climate and nature crisis by aligning government policy with the most up-to-date science.


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I'm proud to support the Climate and Ecology Bill which aligns with my ambitions to make London a net zero carbon city by 2030. The Bill would ensure that the UK reduces its greenhouse emissions to keep global average warming under 1.5C - as well as protecting nature, halting, and eventually reversing ecological damage.

“A green and just recovery is in everyone’s interests by tackling both the climate crisis and the energy and cost of living crisis our we are currently facing. The Government must not delay action any further and must seize the opportunity for the sake of people and the planet now.”


Zero Hour's campaign director, Amy McDonnell said “There are still concerning gaps in UK legislation when it comes to acting on the climate and nature crises. The Climate and Ecology Bill is the only proposed legislation before the UK Parliament that would deliver a comprehensive strategy to tackle the climate-nature emergency, aligning the UK’s carbon budget with a global effort to stay under 1.5°C."


Campaign manager, Oliver Sidorczuk explained: “Alongside tackling emissions, the Climate and Bill also proposes an ambitious plan to actively restore biodiversity loss, so that nature is well on the pathway to recovery by 2030. It recognises that meaningful public engagement must feed into a UK-wide strategy to deliver a just transition away from fossil fuel production and use.”


The Bill was introduced in the House of Lords for the 2022-23 parliamentary session by (Liberal Democrat peer) Lord Resesdale on 25 May and will be debated at its second reading on 15 July.



Notes to Editor:


  1. The London Assembly passed a cross-party motion asking the Mayor to support the Climate & Ecology Bill on 2 December 2021. Further details can be found here.

  2. At the time, Zack Polanski AM, who proposed the motion said: “The CE Bill puts in place the strong and decisive action needed to reverse the climate and ecological crisis. Assembly support for this sends a message to the Government that the UK must play its fair and proper role in reducing greenhouse gas and protecting and restoring biodiverse habitats. We can make sure London leads the way, just like the Assembly did in 2018 by urging the Mayor to declare a climate emergency. As chair of C40 Cities, and a supporter of UK100’s Net Zero Pledge, the Mayor can and should support this motion.”

  3. As of 15 July 2022, the Climate and Ecology Bill has the support of 121 MPs and 33 Peers, alongside 192 local authorities across the UK nations, including the London Borough of Camden.

  4. The Bill was previously promoted as the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill.

  5. The full text of the Bill can be found here.

  6. Zero Hour is the cross-party campaign group behind the Bill campaign. It is a coalition of allied scientists, businesses, campaigners and organisations, including Sir David King, The Co-operative Bank, The Climate Coalition and Friends of the Earth.