Some Conservatives and Labour MPs have been sending out standard responses drafted by central office. Conservatives say that they are doing enough already, and Labour say that this is only a Presentation Bill, so it is not worth their support. You can see these set responses and tips on how to respond here.


How do you respond? The short answer is, because a standard letter hasn’t personally been drafted by your MP, the biggest pressure won’t actually come from building up carefully rationalised arguments, but by NUMBERS. So, if you have received one of these letters, the best thing to do is to ask as many people from your constituency as possible to write, call or tweet, asking your MP to support the CEE bill. And don’t give up!

If your MP has given a non-standard response, brilliant! If you can pass this onto [email protected] we can provide you with help responding if you need it. You can also use our guide and FAQ to fashion a response.