We are a growing team united behind the desire for our nation to lead the way and make a legally-binding commitment to genuinely get to grips with the climate & nature crisis.

Ron Bailey, Strategy Lead (Political)

Amanda Bishop, Partnerships Campaigner

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Colin Coghill, Councils Coordinator

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Amy Heley, Parliamentary Campaigner

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Jane King, Senior Researcher

e: [email protected]  tw: @PaleBD

Dr Amy McDonnell, Campaign Director

e: [email protected] tw:@DrAmyMcD

Mike McGonigle, Parliamentary Adviser

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James Moulding, Grassroots Coordinator

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Simon Oldridge, Senior Researcher 

e: [email protected] tw: @SiOldridge

Dr Alessandra Palange, Engagement Coordinator

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Oliver Sidorczuk, Campaign Manager

e: [email protected] tw: @oliversidorczuk

James Sutton, Strategy Lead (Partnerships)

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Aisha Umaru, Campaign Assistant

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