We're in a climate and nature emergency – but while people across the UK are stepping up to face it, our legislation doesn’t come close to dealing with the crisis. Tell David Johnston MP, John Howell MP, Robert Courts, MP, Annelise Dodds MP and Victoria Prentis MP this has to change.

We’re calling on Oxfordshire's MPs to back the Climate & Ecology Bill, currently in Parliament. Over 150 MPs and peers from all major parties have already backed the Bill.

Ask your MP to step up. Add your name to the open letter.

Open Letter to Oxfordshire MPs

Dear David Johnston MP, John Howell MP, Robert Courts, MP, Annelise Dodds MP and Victoria Prentis MP.

Our county is at the front line of the climate and ecological emergency. Floods threaten our farms, homes and livelihoods and will increase in frequency and severity as global temperatures rise.  Oxfordshire has experienced a massive decline in farmland and woodland biodiversity, many iconic species like hares and turtle doves are under serious threat, at least two butterfly species extinct, and populations of vital pollinators like bees are crashing, risking the rural economy and heritage at the heart of our way of life.

We, the undersigned, are a group of constituents, councils, businesses, schools and organisations from the six Oxfordshire constituencies who invite our MPs to take urgent action – by backing the Climate and Ecology Bill in Parliament, with thanks to Layla Moran and the Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats for their existing support.

The Bill has been developed to address the gaps in current legislation so that the UK:

  • Commits to a ‘carbon budget’ to keep warming to 1.5°C
  • Actively restores lost nature in our countryside and towns
  • Takes responsibility for, and reduces our full carbon footprint (including aviation, goods imported from China, US etc).

The Bill is comprehensive. It’s been written by leading UK scientists, economists and policy experts, and now has the support of MPs and Peers from every major party.

We need new, legally binding climate law written specifically to address the climate and nature crises. Current UK policies are still in line with 2-3°C of warming and our country is the worst in the G7 for lost biodiversity.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has made it clear that this decade is critical. Unless we make immediate, rapid, and large-scale reductions in carbon emissions, and at the same time restore nature, we face catastrophic consequences for our way of life; our countryside, people and communities, businesses, and the natural world that is so fundamental to our survival.  

This is an emergency. Everyone in Oxfordshire must try to do their bit to fix it, and we believe that includes you as our MPs.

David Johnston MP, John Howell MP, Robert Courts, MP, Annelise Dodds MP and Victoria Prentis MP -We ask you to help protect our county;  to support the CEE Bill, and to recognise that there is a diverse and growing group of constituents and organisations calling on the Government to be guided, as we have with Covid-19, by the science.  We ask you to commit  – in law – to the changes necessary to protect our children’s futures and leave them with the legacy of a healthy and thriving Oxfordshire.

Back the Climate and Ecology Bill.

Letter modified in January 2022 following COP26 and Government policy updates to the Environment Bill and the publication of the Net Zero Strategy.

94 signatures so far. Help us get to 150