We're in a climate and nature emergency – but while people across the UK are stepping up to face it, our legislation doesn’t come close to dealing with the crisis. Tell Cherilyn Mackrory MP this has to change.

We’re calling on Truro and Falmouth's MP to meet with us to discuss backing the Climate & Ecology Bill, currently in Parliament. Over 150 MPs and peers from all major parties have already backed the Bill.

Add your name to the open letter and ask Cherilyn Mackrory to meet with us and back the Bill.

There are challenges ahead for Truro and Falmouth as the climate situation worsens and the destruction of nature continues and intensifies. Damage to homes and livelihoods from flooding, from both sea and land, will increase in frequency and severity as global temperatures rise. 

As you know from Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s State of Nature Report and your own charity walk to raise awareness last year, our local ecosystems face an uncertain future. Indeed, last year Cornwall Council voted overwhelmingly to add a declaration of Ecological Emergency to their pioneering 2019 Climate Emergency Declaration. 

Nationally, biodiversity in the UK is declining at an alarming rate, with unprecedented falls in population of iconic species like hedgehogs and vital pollinators like bees. Ocean ecosystems are also in severe danger, risking the rural, marine and tourism economy that our area is built on. 

Tackling the challenges of changing climate and ecology is not a luxury for the rich particularly as Cornwall is possibly the most economically divided region of the UK. Failing to address them will leave our poorest communities even more vulnerable than they are now as food shortages and extreme weather events intensify and multiply.  

The recent Met Office report warning that there is close to a 50:50 chance of a temporary breach of 1.5°C in global temperatures in the coming five years is surely a wake-up call we must heed. Similarly the news that five of the nine ‘planetary boundaries’ have been crossed - taking humanity out of a safe operating space and into a state potentially much less hospitable for human civilisation than the one in which we have flourished in over the past 11 000 years and risking the collapse of that civilisation - must constitute a call for robust action.

It is notable that the crossing of one of those boundaries ‘ozone depletion’ led to robust international action beginning in 1987 which successfully reversed the process and returned ozone depletion to a safe operating space. A similar process is needed for the others. It demonstrates that if the political will is present then such difficult problems can be solved very successfully.

We, the undersigned, are a group of constituents, councils, businesses, schools and organisations from the Truro and Falmouth constituency who invite you as our MP to contribute to such urgent action – by backing the Climate and Ecology Bill in Parliament.

The Bill has been developed to address the gaps in current legislation so that the UK:

  • Commits to the 'carbon budget' necessary to keep warming to 1.5°C globally, and to the measures necessary to achieve that
  • Actively restores lost nature in our countryside, coastlines and seas - not merely halting destruction, but also reversing it.
  • Takes responsibility for, and reduces our full carbon footprint, including goods imported from China and other countries.

The Bill is comprehensive. It's been written by leading UK scientists, economists and policy experts, and now has the support of politicians from every major party.

We need this new law. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has made it clear that this decade is critical. We must take the steps right now to reverse the mistakes of the past and to restore the natural world that is so fundamental to our survival.  

Current UK policies are in line with 2-3°C of warming, and our country is the worst in the G7 for lost biodiversity. Everyone in Truro and Falmouth must do their bit to reverse this, and you as our MP can make an enormous contribution by supporting this Bill on its passage into law.

Cherilyn Mackrory MP, help protect our country and our people.

Please support the Climate and Ecology Bill.

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