Make a Twitter video

Make a Twitter video

Will you back the #CANBill?

A great way to reach your MP these days is via Twitter. You can go one step further than a simple tweet by videoing yourself asking your MP if they will support the Bill, and adding this to your tweet. You’ll need to keep it super snappy. So just state simply that you are calling on your MP, as their constituent, to back the Bill. You might also have time to give one simple reasons why the Bill is important to you personally. Here are some more tips and tricks:

  • Film landscape (turn your phone on its side), rather than portrait
  • If someone else is around, ask them to film you, rather than doing it yourself (the selfie camera isn’t as good as the one on the front of your phone)
  • Careful not to put your thumb or finger over the microphone on the side of your phone (maybe do a test version for sound)
  • Try to have the phone close to the subject (you) as the in-built microphones aren’t very good
  • Frame yourself (shoulders, upper arms, head only) so that you fill most of the screen/image, but not so close that there isn’t some space between the top of your head and the edge of the frame
  • Try to film somewhere without background noise such as traffic, a fan, music, etc.
  • Film somewhere with lots of natural light. Always have the light behind or around the camera, so it lights up the subject. Never film into the sun/window
  • Keep your video length under 45 seconds
  • Find your MP’s Twitter handle via this website
  • Don’t forget to let us know by including @canbill_now and the hashtag #CANBill
  • If you are having a problem with putting your video on Twitter, contact us at [email protected] and let us know your name and your MP.

Happy filming!

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