Why we’re standing #United For Nature

29 November 2022 | Amy McDonnell

Why we’re standing #United For Nature

Some Zero Hour campaigners have expressed concern that, through the Ecology Bill—which is currently working its way through the House of Lords—we have dropped the climate aspects of the Climate and Ecology Bill. We’re pleased to set the record straight.

Our blog and FAQs page—Standing United for Nature—explains the situation and contains the following explanation:

Passing our nature target through the Ecology Bill would be an important step towards seeing the full Climate and Ecology Bill enshrined in law. While we focus on the nature target (via the Ecology Bill) in the House of Lords, in the meantime—and alongside this—we will also reintroduce the (full, joined-up) Climate and Ecology Bill in the House of Commons at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2023.

We know of at least one constituency group that did not understand this important point and had assumed that Zero Hour had ditched the climate aspects of our proposed legislation.

This is a misunderstanding of the situation, which we’re pleased to put right. We’re fully committed to—and we’re pulling every parliamentary lever we can—to attract all-party support for the Climate and Ecology Bill.

Our apologises for any misunderstanding. We will of course let you know when the Climate and Ecology Bill will be introduced in the House of Commons—which we hope to do as soon as possible—with support from MPs across all main parties.

If you have any further questions (having read our FAQs, here), please email us at hello@zerohour.uk. Thank you for all you do to power the campaign for a joined-up, science-led plan to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

We’re committed to enacting the Climate and Ecology Bill.

We’re using this moment, ahead of COP15 and in light of the delayed Environment Act targets, to call on the Government to deliver a serious, science-led nature target for the UK.