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Together, we can get the Climate & Ecology Bill passed We’ve listed out the quickest things you can do, right now to help.

✉️ 1) Ask your MP to back the Climate & Ecology Bill (5 mins)

What’s easier than sending an email? We’ve made the process as simple as possible. Head to our handy tool to find out if your MP supports or not, and send them a polite message – we’ve given you a template to start off with. 

📣 2) Help grow the movement (2 mins)

Every extra voice that calls for this key new climate and nature law brings it closer to passing. Help grow our campaign and let people know about it on your social media or via direct message. With the help of scientists and policy experts, we’ve done the hard work. Now we just need to spread the message!

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🤝 3) Connect with campaigners (2 mins)

Over 100,000 people have asked MPs to back the Bill, chances are some are near you! We host regular campaigner events – join the next to meet other activists and make a bigger impact by working together!

— Got a bit more time to get involved? —

🖨 4) Print out posters/banners for the Bill

We’re pushing hard to get the whole of the UK demanding updated climate and nature law. Help spread the message with posters, stickers and more – you find our materials page here.

🖨 5) Ask your council to back the Climate & Ecology Bill!

MP not budging? Ask your local council to pass a motion in support of the Bill to help showcase constituency support. Over 200 councils across the UK have already passed motions – once again, we’ve made this as simple as possible. Find out how to ask your council to take action here.

✋ 6) Work or volunteer for our campaign

As a grassroots campaign, we’re powered by volunteers and a small core team — we’re always looking for more support and occasionally have open paid roles. Take a look at our jobs page to find out if you’d be a good fit!

💷 7) Donate!

Want to help out but just don’t have the time? Giving to the campaign helps us keep up the pressure, whether its expanding our core team of lobbyists or taking the campaign to critical constituencies. You can donate here.