In this current Parliamentary session, we introduced the CEE Bill again on 21st June as a Private Members' Bill. Caroline Lucas was the primary sponsor alongside a new list of co-sponsor MPs. The Bill is scheduled to have its Second Reading on Friday 10th September. However, like the first phase of the campaign, it is very unlikely that the Bill will pass this stage. But that does not mean that the campaign will be over...


We will continue to gain the support of MPs and Peers from across the political parties in Parliament. We made a goal to get members of every major political party to come out in support of the Bill and we have now gained the support from a Conservative in the House of Lords. We also have the opportunity in this session to introduce the Bill in the House of Lords as well as the House of Commons. And we can re-establish an Early Day Motion (EDM), which MPs can sign as an additional show of support. The process of translating support from one bill to the next is a really energetic moment for the campaign and we hope to get plenty of new support as well as building on the backing from our current MPs and Allies. 

In the run up to COP26 in November, we will be focusing on key aspects of the summit and using the Bill as a platform to discuss what should be decided at the most important meeting of the world's nations on climate since Paris in 2015.