What this country is missing is a mechanism to ensure that the Government's strategy does what it says on the tin - i.e. limit warming to 1.5°C and restore nature. The Government is talking the talk but avoiding taking any serious action now. There is currently no obligation on the Government to ensure its plans will achieve the desired results. This allows the Government to avoid confronting the issue.  The CEE Bill will ensure that Government policy and action is in line with the scientific advice.

It is then for Government to determine the specifics of the strategy, with input from a randomly selected group of ordinary citizens (the Climate & Nature Assembly). And we really don’t have to hunt around for answers: scientists and experts have been formulating these for decades. But what is missing is a sense of political urgency and a joined-up, cross-party way of thinking away from day-to-day politics. 


The CEE Bill creates a robust framework that would hold the UK to the science, making sure that whichever path we take, we do everything we can to limit global heating and the destruction of the natural world. No specific policies are mentioned. It is down to Parliament and Government to identify these in formulating the emergency strategy, with the help of the Climate Assembly. The Bill makes sure that whatever the precise contents of the Government’s strategy, it is consistent with the overall aim of keeping global warming within 1.5ºC and limiting our impact on nature. 

With this Bill, we want to make sure that politicians begin by recognising our current reality and the scope of the challenge. This is the first essential step that lays the ground for detailed and adequate policy decisions.