The UK Parliament declared an environment and climate emergency in 2019, but action hasn’t matched rhetoric.

This emergency requires strong, decisive action to tackle the climate and nature crisis. That’s why we need the Climate and Ecology Bill (also known as the CEE Bill)—to ensure we set a serious, science-led plan to restore nature and keep 1.5°C alive.

First things first. We need you to email your MP. Use our handy tool on this page to find out if your MP is supporting the Bill—and send them an email accordingly.

Try to customise your message and make it as personal to you as possible. It doesn’t have to be long, but it should be individualised. Ask yourself why you personally upport the Bill, and why you want your local MP to do the same.

You could mention the impacts or risks of the climate-nature crisis in your local community, such as flooding, air pollution, moorland peat burning, river health or the effects of farming and land use.

If you like, you can get some inspiration from the summary of the Bill on this page. And if and when your MP replies to your email, please let us know by emailing

Write to your MP