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Daisy Barker – New CEE Bill Alliance Member

The CEE Bill Alliance continues to grow and gain support from a wide range of campaign groups, businesses, charities and individuals – we now have more than 100 allied organisations signed up in support of the bill! (Not all are listed on the website). One of our latest sign-ups is Dawn of Green Eco Project.  Run by 13-year-old Daisy Barker, this project aims to connect anyone taking action on the Climate and Nature Emergency. Daisy joined us to realise her ultimate goal – to create a future free from excessive waste and pollution, where wildlife is safe from extinction, and green energy and sustainable production are utilised successfully. By joining forces Daisy hopes to get one step closer to her goal.

Daisy’s project is a means to unite anyone playing an active role in fighting against the destruction of the natural world – from large organisations to small businesses, conservation groups, families and individuals. Mirroring the premise of the CEE Bill Alliance, the Dawn of Green Eco-Project aims to generate enough force to pressure the Government into taking radical action on this emergency. Daisy also creates her own blog posts on important topics such as litter picking and how we as individuals individual can help including a list of useful links to other conservation organisations and their projects.

Daisy explained why she decided to join the Bill Alliance:

“The CEE Bill gives people a voice when speaking to the Government.  The CEE Bill’s aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase biodiversity and they have to be an independent body to ensure we do what’s best for the environment. If we could achieve those things the world would be amazing, we’d have lots of greener spaces that wouldn’t be covered in litter and we would be entirely running on renewable energy, we’d have amazing biodiversity and species wouldn’t go extinct and we could be one with nature again. I signed up to the CEE Bill to be one step further to achieving these things.”

The CEE Bill Alliance is honoured to be partnering with this project.  Young climate activists like Daisy, alongside names like Greta Thunberg and Autumn Peltier, prove no one is too young to make a difference. It takes enthusiastic and dedicated individuals like these to pave the way for a generation that is more committed, passionate and determined than the previous. This is why we are tremendously excited to be working with the Dawn of Green Eco-Project and other organisations that share our goals for the future.

To explore Daisy’s fantastic work visit her website here and don’t forget to sign her petition against excessive Palm Oil use

Daisy’s Dawn of Green Eco Project is just one of many incredible organisations that have joined the CEE Bill Alliance to tackle the Climate and Nature Emergency by helping to make this comprehensive Bill become law.

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