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Neutrality Statement

Updated 1 March 2023

With local elections taking place in May and a Westminster general election likely in late 2024, some people have been asking what Zero Hour’s position is on these matters.

We hope, therefore, that this statement makes Zero Hour’s position clear.

1. Does Zero Hour support any political party?

No. We work with people from across the main political parties (and those people who are not members of any party) to build support for our campaign.

2. Will Zero Hour put up its own election candidates?

No. We seek to persuade the main political parties, plus MPs, Peers, councillors, branches and members etc. to support the Zero Hour campaign.

3. Does Zero Hour support or oppose candidates during election time?

No. Zero Hour’s approach is to use legitimate means of democratic pressure (lobbying, publicity, meetings etc.) to persuade candidates to support our campaign—but, if they do so—that does not mean we support their candidacy. If they do not do so, that does not mean we oppose their candidacy.

4. But what if a candidate informs voters that they support (or oppose) the Zero Hour campaign?

We have no control over what candidates may say (or imply) to the electorate. Indeed, we applaud openness on any issues by candidates; be it on environmental, education or health issues etc. Candidates are entitled to tell voters where they stand on these issues—and Zero Hour supporters may pressure them to do so.

However, if a candidate says to a voter, either explicitly, or by implication, that Zero Hour supports (or opposes) their candidacy, we will insist that they correct such statements and, if necessary, publicly point out any errors in what a candidate is saying.

5. But surely supporters of Zero Hour support (or oppose) some candidates and not others?

Yes. Zero Hour supporters have the same right as all people to support (or oppose) electoral candidates—but they cannot claim that this means that Zero Hour supports (or opposes) any candidates. If they do, we will insist that they correct such claims and, if necessary, publicly point out any errors in what a Zero Hour supporter is saying.

6. But what if a Zero Hour supporter stands as an election candidate?

Many do. As citizens, that is their right—and being a supporter of Zero Hour does not take away that right. However, they cannot then claim that Zero Hour supports their candidacy—or claim that any given supporter or partner of Zero Hour supports their candidacy. If they do, we will insist that they correct such claims and, if necessary, publicly point out any errors in what the candidate is saying.

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