The first three things you can do to get started and help us bring science-led action on the climate-nature crisis closer to reality.

✉️ 1) Ask your MP to back the Climate & Ecology Bill (5 mins)

It only takes a few minutes and the more letters and emails your MP gets, the more they understand that constituents want them to act. Let’s give all our MPs an unmistakable mandate to support the Bill.

📣 2) Sign up to support the campaign (2 mins)

It’s amazing how many people who support the campaign don’t get round to signing up. Having lots of supporters signed up enables us to do things that otherwise we can’t. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do ASAP, and ask your friends and family too. Just that is a huge contribution to the campaign!

🤝 3) Connect with campaigners (2 mins)

Over 100,000 people have asked MPs to back the Bill, chances are some are near you! We host regular campaigner events over zoom – so why not join the next to meet other activists and make a bigger impact by working together!


For a list of other way you can get involved in this campaign: