Green Christian Joins the CEE Bill Alliance

The CEE Bill Alliance celebrates any organisation that fights against the status quo and isn’t afraid of pushing for radical change to combat Climate-Nature Emergency. Green Christian, one of our latest allies, is a perfect example of an organisation doing just that! This is a community designed for sharing insights into the green movement and exchanging ideas about living more in tune with the natural environment. Since it was formed in 1981, the climate-nature crisis has accelerated at a phenomenal pace. Therefore, Green Christian encourages Christians to act urgently to spread hope and empower agents of change – both in the church and the green movement.

This organisation is centred around educating and encouraging its members to understand their responsibilities in protecting the planet and how these correlate with their faith. They powerfully utilise captivating prose to inspire their audiences and connect with their members through the useful resources they provide (ranging from magazines, prayer guides, retreats, conferences, and community groups). Powerful phrases such as ‘storm of hope’ (the name of their annual brochure) and ‘responding to the cry of the wounded Earth’ accurately reflect how many people are feeling about this tumultuous period in the history of the Earth.

They organise helpful activities and courses such as the Borrowed Time programme – providing networks of pastoral care to better equip people who are struggling with a lack of hope associated with climate change and mass extinction. As well as this, Green Christian are refreshingly honest about the radical change required to save the Earth; they have bravely critiqued partner organisations that aren’t doing enough – proving they’re not afraid to truly stand up for the climate. Their publication ‘The Time is now, not 2045‘ expertly challenged the Climate Coalition on their carbon targets, and this press release and intelligently criticised the Church of England’s 2019 carbon targets.

Green Christian told us why they think it’s important to back the CEE Bill and how it aligns with the work they’re doing:

‘There are a lot of campaigns out there calling for action on climate and nature. The CEE Bill spells out exactly what is needed for the UK to play its proper part. It tells the truth about the urgent and radical transformation that is required if we are to respond to the Climate and Nature Emergency with justice and honesty. We are encouraging our members to ask their churches to support this Bill.’

If you would like to meet like-minded people and learn more about the Green Christian community, visit their website, or get involved in their many groups. Together, we will continue to spread powerful messages of hope and decisive action. Green Christian is one of many inspiring allies we are partnering with. We now have over 130 supporting organisations, including The Cooperative Bank and Oxfam, (not all organisations are listed on our website) and over 100 MPs now support the Bill!

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