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We need more people like you to convince Steve Barclay of the urgent action needed to tackle the environmental and health crisis. Will you share the petition with your NHS colleagues using the links below and #Health4CEBill?

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What’s easier than sending an email? We’ve made the process as simple as possible.

Head to our handy tool to write to your MP today and ask them to back the Climate & Ecology Bill.

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We need to reach lots of people, many organisations, and MPs from across all parties.

That means we need money to fund our campaign.

Giving to the campaign helps us keep up the pressure, whether its expanding our core team of lobbyists or taking the campaign to critical constituencies.

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Sign our petition
United for Nature

Completion Time: 2 Minutes

Join Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Dr Mya-Rose and sign the United for Nature petition, calling on the Prime Minister to set a legally-binding target to reverse nature loss by 2030.

Join an
upcoming event

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Over 100,000 people have asked MPs to back the Bill, chances are some are near you! We host regular campaigner events – join the next to meet other activists and make a bigger impact by working together!

Ask your Council to
back the Climate & Ecology Bill

Completion Time: 5 Minutes

MP not budging? Ask your local council to pass a motion in support of the Bill to help showcase constituency support. Over 200 councils across the UK have already passed motions – once again, we’ve made this as simple as possible.

Find out how to ask your council to take action.

for the campaign

As a grassroots campaign, we’re powered by volunteers and a small core team — we’re always looking for more support and occasionally have open paid roles. Take a look at our jobs page to find out if you’d be a good fit.

Join or start a
Local Group

It’s more fulfilling working with like minds!

Join an existing group or let us help you to form a new one. Email and tell us your situation.

Kickstarter session – set up or expand a local campaign group. If you know a few people we can set up a Zoom session and invite all sorts of other local campaigners to meet, work out a rough plan for the constituency and action it. Again, email and tell us what you might like to do. We will work to help you do it.

Attend our monthly Campaigner Check-In – share ideas, experiences and how to move forward effectively with other campaigners from all over the country. Aimed at all different levels of experience of Campaigning. If you are a seasoned campaigner we would love to tap into your knowledge and experience and work with you. For less experienced, or even new campaigners, we aim to support you with the level of input you need to inspire you but not overwhelm you. We aim to work with you so campaigning is a joy not a burden.

Print out
Posters & Banners

We’re pushing hard to get the whole of the UK demanding updated climate and nature law. Help spread the message with posters, stickers and more.

Find all of our materials, posters and banners.

Share videos and graphics
on Social Media

View and download Zero Hour graphics and videos which make the case for the CE Bill. Please feel free to share these on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Campaign Info

Important Key Campaign Information that will help you to support this campaign effectively.

It’s mostly already on the website, but in many different places. By following this link you will find the info you need all in one place.

Hopefully you will find this quicker and easier.

You can also use it to educate yourself and become more informed and articulate on nature and climate.

Dealing with
difficult MPs

It’s important to remember that an MP will always say NO until they say YES! They may resist campaigners efforts for a long time – we know of cases where locals campaigned on the Bill for a couple of years with the MP saying no, no, no, and suddenly one day, after sustained communication and lobbying, he agreed to support.

MPs often discourage campaigners so they stop asking. Then the MP can carry on doing what they were doing unaffected. It’s important to keep on keeping on!

When you feel it’s just a waste of time, ask yourself ‘has everything really been tried’? Maybe there is something below that can motivate you to keep on keeping on . . .

Possible avenues to explore

  • Has everyone you know written to the MP?
  • Have you tried craftivism, where simple hand crafted beautiful objects containing a simple message are given to the MP
  • Have you had a meeting with them?
  • Could you get someone the MP listens to, to set up a meeting to discuss the Bill? And could you involve someone from Zero Hour as a Third Party?
  • Are there any local organisations the MP might be sympathetic to whose support you could enlist?
    have you tried running an Open Letter which Zero Hour can host for you? It asks the MP to support. You collect names of supporters who sign up online.
  • Have all the councils in the constituency passed motions?
  • Are there candidates from other parties (Lib Dem in a rural seat or Labour in an urban one) who are happy to message out support and create pressure in the local press. Any threat to re-election will put pressure on an MP. They don’t like being unpopular.

Maybe one or more of these will help. Even if you don’t succeed in making them change their minds, the pressure causes ripples.

Maybe MPs start talking together saying they have had a lot of constituents saying . . . They perhaps may see there is something they must address.

Thank you for
supporting Zero Hour

Again, the whole team at Zero Hour, plus all of our allies and supporters, wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to support the campaign.

Let’s tackle the climate & nature crisis together.