“Joining this campaign was a natural choice for me”

Hello, I’m Isobel and I’m a new campaign assistant here at Zero Hour. Joining this campaign was a natural choice for me and was driven by two main motivations.

First of all, as a Politics undergraduate student, I’ve been fascinated by the pivotal role of campaigns and their impact on the world. So far, I’ve seen multiple elements of the campaign interact to create steps forward for the Climate and Nature Bill. For me, this has bridged the gap between theory and practice. Secondly, my time as a volunteer with the National Trust unveiled the decline in British wildlife, with the UK standing among the world’s most nature-depleted countries. The Climate and Nature Bill sets a precedent to reverse this.

Why did you want to join Zero Hour as a Campaign Assistant?

What truly excites me about the Climate and Nature Bill is its comprehensive nature that encapsulates reversing the destruction of nature by 2030 which enhances the current Environment Act and makes sure the UK does its bit to keep global heating to 1.5°C. Equally crucial is including the public through the Climate & Nature Assembly, enabling a fair and inclusive path forward. This approach also recognises the interconnected link between biodiversity and climate change. Biodiversity loss accelerates climate change and vice versa. Thus, as we build up biodiversity we enhance nature’s capacity to absorb and store carbon.

Furthermore, Zero Hour’s campaign strategy mirrors this comprehensive mindset by including the thoughts of people and communities. By listening to the voices and ideas of the public, we foster a collective push for new legislation while also actively engaging in parliamentary advocacy. This represents a significant stride forward for climate change legislation, aligning with the agreement the UK made at the UN Biodiversity Summit in 2022. Through this bill, we solidify our dedication to embedding the summit’s agreement into UK legislation, ensuring a lasting and legal impact.

While I’ve only been a part of Zero Hour for a short time, I’m inspired by the dedication and unity within the team. Together, Zero Hour delivers the best results not only for the campaign but for the UK as a whole.

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