Key Info

Key Info

The following shortcut links will take you to all you need to know to help us get the Climate & Ecology Bill passed into law.

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– The text of the Bill

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Zero Hour Reports

The Ambition Gap Report Jane King and Simon Oldridge is our most important report so far and is designed to bring complex scientific research and opinion into common everyday language. It is highly recommended if you wish to understand the UK Government’s response to the Nature and Climate situation we are in and what the UK must do to fulfil its international obligations and keep its population safe. Download. If you think a paper copy of this report might help influence a local politician, please request a copy from [email protected]. All MPs and most active Lords have already received a copy.



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Videos & Graphics

A selection of short videos & graphics to help illustrate the need for the Climate and Ecology Bill and help people understand quickly. Download and use freely here:

More informative and insightful videos to inspire you – click here.

Why We Need the Climate And Ecology Bill

A talk/presentation on PowerPoint which you can use to inform friends, family and anyone else you would like to.