We CAN efficiently transition into a more sustainable future for future generations.

I’m a proud supporter of the Climate and Nature Bill—which will put us on the path to restore nature—as part of the just transition to a cheaper, cleaner energy future.

As an engineer working in the renewable sector for over 25 years, I’ve seen the evolution of the renewable energy industry to overcome the challenges presented, and with the required support the industry, will continue to evolve to overcome the challenges of the future—allowing us to reduce and eventually eliminate the reliance on fossil fuels—helping to provide a clean source of energy for people not only here in the UK, but on every continent across the world.

Having spent over a quarter of a century designing wind and solar farms across the world, and more recently also working on newer technologies such as battery energy storage and EV charging systems, I’ve dedicated most of my life to ensuring that our children and grandchildren can live in a more sustainable world—and I have experience of the difficulties and challenges we face, challenges and difficulties that aren’t insurmountable with the correct support and guidance.

I volunteer as a community campaigner for the recently formed Torfaen Climate Ambassador Network—a group of volunteers who focus on education, encouraging behavioural change and identifying innovative solutions to local challenges—to ensure that residents of Torfaen can do as much as possible in the community to help combat climate change.

The Climate And Nature (CAN) Bill addresses the concerns of job losses by including financial support and retraining for people whose livelihoods and jobs will be affected by the proposed measures—including those measures that require transitioning out of industries characterised by high emissions and high impacts on ecosystems.

The CAN Bill would be an important piece of legislation to ensure that we can efficiently transition into a more sustainable future for future generations.

Nathan Edmunds

Conservatives PPC for Torfaen

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