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The printing industry is one of the most polluting industries in the UK. Most printers are responsible for high levels of waste, water consumption, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and CO₂ emissions. As well as this, the journey from production to distribution is heavy in energy usage, producing significant waste to landfills and contributes to deforestation. Worryingly, the VOCs and heavy metals in ink can lead to soil and water pollution when dumped in landfills. This not only creates problems for the environment, but also human health as these chemicals can be extremely toxic.

Thankfully, one of the latest organisations to join the CEE Bill Alliance is proving that printing doesn’t have to be so harmful to nature. Working within the circular economy, Seacourt is a forward-thinking company that is bringing printing into the 21st Century. Seacourt employs LED drying technology that enables printing without water or added VOCs to provide the highest quality product with the lowest possible carbon footprint. It is taking the lead in accepting ownership over the environmental impact of its whole supply chain. Driven by environmental best practice and the desire to produce the highest quality prints, Seacourt collaborated with press and ink manufacturers to produce Light Touch – bringing an eco-friendly, waterless press into the market, something that hadn’t previously been done before. We asked Seacourt why they decided to join the CEE Bill Alliance and they told us:

“Seacourt is committed to a zero-carbon economy and support the CEE Bill to help reverse the climate and ecological breakdown we face”

Seacourt is proud to be a negative CO₂ emissions company, as well as one of the world’s first zero waste-to-landfill printing companies. Other environmental benefits include:

  • Waterless offset printing with LED drying
  • 100% alcohol (VOC) free printing process
  • FSC Certified recycled paper
  • 100% renewable energy

Consequently, they have recently been awarded The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for outstanding achievements in sustainable development for the fourth time! They are also certified as the highest-scoring B Corporation printing or media company in the world!

The CEE Bill Alliance shares many of its values with Seacourt, including the need for taking full responsibility for emissions along whole supply chains. This is something the CEE Bill encourages the UK government to do – ensuring UK emissions incorporate our environmental impact both here and overseas. The CEE Bill Alliance is excited to be working with companies like Seacourt – who not only incorporate sustainability within their business model but make it a priority. To learn more about Seacourt, visit their website here.

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