Sussex Green Living: Another New Alliance Member

We all want to reduce our negative impact on the environment, but many of us are uncertain about where to begin.

Thankfully, our latest CEE Bill Alliance member provides climate mitigation solutions, helping people make lifestyle changes to reduce their carbon footprint. Sussex Green Living is a multi-award-winning charity aiming to increase public understanding and awareness of climate change issues as well as engaging, the public to protect the environment. Set up by a group of ambitious local people, this organisation arranges initiatives to demonstrate how respecting nature can be fun, exciting, collaborative, and save you plenty of money!

Sussex Green Living inspires eco-friendly living through innovative solutions and events, offering free education & resources, and providing a community that breeds fresh new ideas. They have an enormous variety of activities on offer, such as monthly community events like the Horsham Repair Cafe and Horsham Climate Cafe.

Vitally, they also offer opportunities for aspiring climate activists to meet and share ideas, thoughts, and hopes for the future through the Youth Eco Forum. Meeting every other Sunday, (currently through Zoom) this forum provides young people a means to connect with fellow budding conservationists. In 2017, Carrie Cort, the founder of Sussex Green Living (and a Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore) also began the Sussex Green Living The Future We Want LESS C02 programme. This initiative provides free assemblies and workshops to educate and inspire young children to live a sustainable lifestyle. In short, if you would like to learn more about living more sustainably, or meet people with common interests, Sussex Green Living is the place to go!

The CEE Bill Alliance is thrilled to be partnering with such an inspiring organisation that has developed so many ingenious strategies to educate and motivate the public. We recognise that to evoke radical change there needs to be vast political change but also everyday lifestyle changes at the individual and community level, because strong communities are vital in producing durable and long-lasting climate action. We asked Sussex Green Living why they partnered with the CEE Bill Alliance, they told us:

‘Sussex Green Living is a community-led charity with volunteers of all ages – grandparents, parents, adults, young people, and children. We want to show that individuals can make a difference and even more powerful is when lots of individuals unite in climate action. To create real change we need governments, businesses, charities, grassroots organisations and individuals onboards, that is why we have partnered with the CEE Bill Alliance.’

If you wish to join this community of inspiring conservationists, you can become a part of the movement from anywhere across the country by joining the virtual ZOOM events, or alternatively, connect with the online community on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

We’re working with Sussex Green Living to continue to raise awareness of the Climate-Nature Emergency and generate support for impactful change that the CEE Bill can bring.

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