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    Incredible! Our election campaign, The Nation Needs You!, has helped us to reach over 50,000 voters and hundreds of organisations from across the UK who want real change on Climate and Nature – now we are ready for the next stage of our campaign.

    Over the coming weeks we will be updating our websites and launching the next campaign on the road to make the Climate and Nature Bill law – 100 Days.

    With a new Government, a new Parliament, we are continuing to keep the pressure up for science-led, joined-up policy to tackle the Climate and Nature crises.

    Together we CAN!

Three COP Outcomes We Can’t Live Without

As COP26 draws near, our campaign to ask Boris Johnson MP to prioritise our Three COP Outcomes We Can’t Live Without is picking up the pace, with the Prime Minister’s father—environmentalist and CEN Ambassador, Stanley Johnson—joining our campaign. Get involved today!

Ahead of the Glasgow summit next month, we are calling on the UK Government to prioritise Zero Hour’s Three COP Outcomes as part of the UK’s efforts at both the climate summit, COP26, and the biodiversity summit, COP15. We are urging the Prime Minister to urgently consider the following three policies ahead of these important international conferences—and here’s how you can help:

  1. Creating a joint emergency strategy for climate and nature
  2. Committing to the carbon budget for 1.5°C, and
  3. Going nature positive by 2030.

We set out these key recommendations in our report—Three COP Outcomes We Can’t Live Without—which we recently launched with Prof. Sir David King (Centre for Climate Repair, Cambridge University), Prof. EJ Milner-Gulland (Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science, Oxford University) and Prof. Kevin Anderson (CUSP, Surrey University). Please click here to read the report, and click here to watch the report launch event.

The response from the scientific, academic and NGO community has been fantastic, and we’re delighted that many of the UK’s top environmental campaigners and experts are backing our call for action, including:

With COP26 now only days away, we’ll continue to grow support from across the UK for our Three COP Outcomes, and urge all MPs—ahead of the Commons debate on COP26 and keeping 1.5°C alive—to push the UK Government to make a serious, joined-up plan to tackle the climate-nature emergency now; before it’s too late.

How can I help?

Ask your MP, local business leaders, community champions and councillors to sign-up at ceebill.uk/cop26-cop15 by emailing them—or by using this autogenerated tweet to get their attention!

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